Drupal 8 - News - Help - Tutorial - And more... Main navigation. How to Cache, clear cache (basend on time , tag) of a drupal 8 render array ? Cache configuration of a renderer array (Just an exaple).
Feb 20, 2017 · This means they are created and exported like many other things. Second of all, in Drupal 8 we no longer (should) call theme functions like above directly. What we should do is always return render arrays and expect them to be rendered somewhere down the line. This helps with things like caching etc. So to render an image with a particular ...
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Nov 29, 2016 · This render array is given a #theme value of form_element_label and is supplied to form_element.html.twig in a variable ‘label’ which is rendered in the template with {{ label }}. Drupal’s Twig extensions give the ability to render either a string or a render array with {{ }}. All the usual theming techniques are available to us.