The FreeNAS installation uses the entire disk of your VPS. ... Automatic backups; Snapshot (Optional add-on) Monitoring (Optional add-on) Configure
Snapshots don't count toward your 5-TB share limit. There is no limit to how much space share snapshots occupy in total. Storage account limits still apply. Limits. The maximum number of share snapshots that Azure Files allows today is 200. After 200 share snapshots, you have to delete older share snapshots in order to create new ones.
Backup your FreeNAS/NAS4Free shares automatically. If you use FreeNAS or NAS4Free as a file server it is highly recommended to backup your data directories regularly.
Snapshots of volumes can not be accessed directly, but they can be cloned, backed up and rolled back to. Creating and destroying a ZFS snapshot is very easy, we can use zfs snapshot and zfs destroy commands for that. Create a pool called datapool. # zpool create datapool mirror /dev/sdb /dev/sdc # zpool list