Also new is the Judge 6 1/2" Magnum. Larger and more powerful, this Judge gives you the extra firepower you need when you have to lay down the Extended Ejector Rod. Fiber Optic Sight. Taurus Ribber Grips. .410 Gauge with 3" Shells and .45 Long Colt. Taurus Security System, Transfer Bar.
Oct 16, 2017 · Ok - enough time on snake shot and fun shot - I broke out the BIG stuff. I have fired my sons S&W .500 magnum, but it was with moderate handloads - and the smith is ported as well, something the Taurus does not have - probably something to do with the shot shell capability. That was very moderate.
Taurus Judge Magnum Ammo Comparison. BoomStick Tactical. Shooting a variety of loads through the Taurus Judge Magnum at close range. This is a viewer funded channel. Support Buffalo's ...
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